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Safety Notice

DO NOT fly over any field being worked or equipment that is being operated by a person. Also remain well clear of the dairy to the north of the field.

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Club Shelter Info

If you haven’t heard yet, the clubs shelter experienced a couple of hiccups in the wind storm on Tuesday, November 17th. The good news is that the damage was relatively minor considering the bad news, which is that the shelter was laying upside down in the parking area. We lost a couple of panels of the clear sheeting and a few dents in some of the metal siding. The roof survived quite well. A little broken lumber, too.

The shelter was reset on it’s new foundation on the 7th of December by a crane from Groves Crane in Port Angeles. The crane and operator time were donated to the club. That was huge in terms of cost savings. If you run across anyone from Groves Crane, say thanks and if you need a crane service in the future remember to call them first.

Club member Chuck Daniel coordinated the repairs and planning for getting the shelter back in operation and did an excellent job. Chuck is a local builder and donated his time and a crew members time to the project. A few club members pitched in when needed as well. The shelter should be back to normal soon. Thanks to all that helped save it.

Steve Moran

Long time flyer and club member Steve Moran passed away on Tuesday, December 15th. He had been in a coma for a while in a Seattle area hospital. Steve and his wife had recently sold their home in Sequim and were moving to the other side of the water to be closer to family. Details as to the exact medical issue Steve experienced are unknown, but most of us knew he had several heart related incidents over the past year or so and had slowed down as a result. He was still seen flying occasionally at the field but the move was keeping him busy.

Steve will be missed for his quick smile, sense of humor and sometimes adrenaline producing aerobatic tricks with his flying W or one of his foamies.

No services are planned as of this time.

Steve with a couple of his airplanes. He had quite a collection of aircraft of all types in his garage shop but somehow found room for his vehicles as well.