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The next regular meeting will be on May 20, 2014 at 6:45 p.m. at the Sequim Bible Church, 847 North Sequim Avenue.

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Safety Notice

DO NOT fly over any field being worked or equipment that is being operated by a person.

Welcome to the SRCA

Runway improvements currently in the planning stage are to add approximately 100 feet of conveyor material (the same as what is under the pit tables now) to the south end of the runway. This would be leveled and pinned down at the edges to prevent wind from getting under it and to guard against catching aircraft wheels. Fill material for leveling would probably be ¾ minus gravel. It shouldn’t take too much to achieve a level surface.

Rolling of the runway was done by member Vern Madison (thanks to Vern and his brother Bob for the donation of the equipment) and is in great shape. Spreading of some gravel for leveling and placing the ‘tarp’ (mentioned above) is next.

Field mowing will again be done by Gage Swain and Tony Johnson as needed.

The shelter has been approved by the Camerons and an actual cost estimate will be obtained prior to starting construction. Ed Velardi has volunteered to get the estimates. You can download the plan as a .pdf from here. The plans are for a 12’ X 16’ structure. Getting to the planned 32’ coverage would simply require building this plan twice. It would be 3 sided, with the open side to the west.

There are two new ground restraint locations west of the pit area near the fence. These are the same as the one next to the north pit fence and the restraints are interchangeable between them. Thanks to Ed Velardi for installing them. There are three fire extinguishers in the pit area, one near each ground restraint and attached to the fence.

Some or all of these issues as well as any other ideas from members will be topics for discussion at our meetings, including the upcoming meeting on May 20, 2014. If you want to take part in improving our club and facilities or just want to know what is going on come to the meetings. Everyone in the club has the chance for their ideas to be heard at the meetings.

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Fun-Fly 2014

The charity event will be done on the same weekend as the Air Affaire event at the Sequim Valley Airport on Saturday, August 30, 2014. The Air Affaire times of operation are from 9 am to 3 pm both Saturday and Sunday. They charge $5 per car (no restrictions on number of passengers per car) but that is the only charge they make. Participants in the event are excluded from the parking charge and will be provided passes. Food vendors will be on site, port-a-cans will be provided and parking attendants will be provided by the Air Affaire group. There may be limited use of our runway for balloon launching but they have said no vehicles will be allowed on the runway area.

The Tri-Area RC Flyers will be taking part in the Air Affaire this year and have been in contact with our club and the P.A. club regarding coordinating r/c related events. They may participate in our event on Saturday but they will have Sunday for their own event. The Sequim area car club will be having a display as well with their own charges for car entries.

Our event will be a separate entity so we will have full decision making capabilities as to when and how we operate. All donations for our cause will be our responsibility to obtain and all proceeds from our event will be donated to Hospice as done in previous years. Details are still to be worked out but it appears that the Air Affaire will not restrict our event in any appreciable way. This years event will be a topic of discussion at the next few meetings of our club as we continue to work out details. It would be helpful to mow the event runway throughout the summer to help maintain a more level and clump free surface. A club mower (green Craftsman) is at the airport near the hangar so if you have the time to mow it would be appreciated.